4-acre site in Toronto’s north end

Site Remediation Project

The Challenge

A 4-acre site in Toronto’s north end was owned and operated by a chemical manufacturer from 1949 until the company ceased operations at the site in 2001. For the next 10 years, except to demolish the on-site buildings in 2003, the property remained unoccupied. During this time the surrounding neighbourhood began to be redeveloped from industrial into a desirable commercial and retail area.

A Phase II Environmental Site Assessment completed by Fisher Environmental revealed that the site was significantly contaminated with a host of pollutants arising from over 50 years of chemical manufacturing activities.

Our client, the purchaser, planned to clean-up (or remediate) the contamination, rezone and redevelop the site, then sell the property to a commercial / retail client. The buyer had even secured a purchaser who tentatively agreed to buy the site in 6 months but only if it was clean.

Although the chemical company was interested in selling the property, their legal representatives advised against the deal over concerns about the company being held responsible for “future” environmental liability arising from the contamination.

Our Solution

With only a few months given to complete the project, Fisher was contracted to design and execute a technical remediation plan to bring the property within the government’s guidelines for contamination.

In addition, to satisfy the chemical company’s environmental liability concerns, Fisher suggested the purchase agreement include a requirement that a Record of Site Condition be filed with the regional Ministry of Environment. The Record of Site Condition, filed by Fisher, would substantiate the “clean” environmental condition at the site, thereby absolving the company from any future clean-up orders.


The chemical company’s legal representatives accepted Fisher’s solution and endorsed the sale. Then, over the next 60 days, Fisher executed the remediation plan which included the removal of the demolished buildings’ foundations, a rail spur and almost 1000 tonnes of contaminated soil.

A Record of Site Condition was filed with the Ministry of Environment and the clean property was sold to a private company for redevelopment.

Time Line

Less than 3 months

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