Environmental Site Assessments

The Environmental Site Assessment, or ESA, is the real estate industry’s most recognized environmental due diligence report. The Phase 1 ESA identifies the potential for environmental contamination at a property, and involves a site inspection and review of historical documents related to the site. The Phase 1 ESA can be completed in 3 to 4 weeks.

The Phase 2 ESA investigates the environmental condition of the soil, ground water or air at a property in order to address “areas of concern” identified in the Phase 1 ESA. On site collection of samples for a Phase 2 ESA can usually be completed in a single day, with little to no disruption to regular activities at a site. The Phase 2 ESA can be completed in 4 to 6 weeks.

At Fisher, the Environmental Site Assessment is our specialty. Having completed thousands of successful assignments since 1989, we have the experience, credibility and know-how to complete your assignment on budget and on time.

Your Advocate and Technical Expert

We exercise the upmost in client confidentiality regarding our findings, and will release results only to parties you have authorized. If requested, and for no extra cost, we will act as your advocate and technical expert with any bank, financial institution or third party in order to explain our results.

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Regulations Related to Environmental Site Assessments:

Phase 1 ESA

  • Canadian Standards Association, CAN/CSA Z768-01 (R2012)
  • Ontario Ministry of Environment, O. Reg. 153/04
  • ASTM International, ASTM E1527-05

Phase 2 ESA

  • Canadian Standards Association, CAN/CSA-Z769-00 (R2008)
  • Ontario Ministry of Environment, O. Reg. 153/04
  • ASTM International, ASTM E1903-11
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